We automate business processes and customer lifecycle from sales to invoice and from Purchase to Time and attendance wish the Microsoft ERP frameworks namely Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and and Business Central.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the most economic and user-friendly software suite. Starting from basic :

  • Microsoft Word,
  • Microsoft Excel and
  • Microsoft Powerpoint,


the product suite provides dedicate hosted email services for the organisation and adds excellent data storage solutions and capacity for a small business. The power to share this data with appropriate security lies in the hands of Business Owners and is easily accessible with just a few clicks. A hidden feature of Microsoft 365 is the ability to provide password security service using Single Sign On (SSO) a very popular feature across all web applications and another important feature is Dynamics 365 which will maintain your organizational CRM. Microsoft offers all these services at an unbelievably low cost.  
 Rockfort is an IT services company which can help your business migrate to or get the best out of your Microsoft 365 Subscription

As a 360 Degree IT Services Company, We offer completely managed IT Services lifecycle inclusive of
     --IT Consulting Services
     --IT Project Management
     --IT Change Management 
     --IT Implementation Services
Our company also provides IT support and helpdesk of the complete IT Infrastructure which is deployed for the client.

Windows Infrastructure

All SMBs have some level of IP (Intellectual Property) which needs to be protected. Thus Businesses choose to provide Laptops, Desktops Tablets or any other IT devices to their staff so that the IP cannot be stolen, disclosed or replicated by the staff. Windows Server based IT infrastructure is required to provide security and protect the IP. Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals are qualified and experienced to work towards the interest of the Management and provide an IT Infrastructure environment which is easy to use, comply and also protects the Business’s IP.


Cloud Services

Cloud Computing or in simple terms Cloud IT Services, is one of the most in-demand IT services today. We provide remote workplaces for the client’s team to work offsite securely connected to the Main frame systems. With custom application development in an all time high, we provide the cloud infrastructure in Azure of AWS to host these applications. 3CX cloud hosting is one of the great examples of our managed IT cloud solutions.


  • Cloud IT services`
  • 3cx cloud hosting
  • Managed it cloud solutions

Enterprise Network

Enterprise Network which is also known as Business Network, Business IT Services or Enterprise IT Services is essentially creating the correct type of IT environment to make sure the team can work without any type of disruptions, the Intellectual Property of the business is protected with the appropriate level of security. We are one of the few IT consulting companies that are transparent and keep the owners equipped with the administrative rights so that they can use any IT company, for their business IT support. Though we are specialists in Small Business IT Support and one of the few IT Support Companies that provide business it solutions for home business network.


We also offer IT consultant services for businesses to simply evaluate and receive an unbiased comparison of other it services company or small business IT services being offered or quoted to them.

wireless work.png

Wireless network

Wireless Internet connection is a given in recent times. All organizations use Wireless networks due to the ease of Connection, Security and Mobility. The hospitality industry is a lot more dependent on a powerful wireless network as their point of sale systems are heavily dependent in wireless.

We power the wireless coverage with Enterprise grade wireless infrastructure provided by Ubiquiti. Average speeds of up to 800 MBPS over a 40m radius can be achieved with ease. We have also connected to buildings 100 mtrs apart using Ubiquiti hardware to provide a Stable Internet connection to a detached Bottle Shop.

Enterprise Network Security

Ransomware is the most common security breach happening across Australia and the world in current days. The most commonly known are wannacry, maze ransomware, anatova, riplace, but every backyarder in the world is developing ransomware as this is easy money. The virus is sent through an email attachment pretending to be one from your own company and as soon as it is clicked, everything just stops.

Popular examples of cases are the garmin connect ransomware attack, toll cyber attack and many more.


We have planned a cyber security strategy using tools like Microsoft Hyper V and Worry Free Business Security. Veritas System Recovery to proactively protect the company and minimise downtime.

network security.png