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Due to the fact the Internet and Telephones are the lifeline of any business, we make sure to act as a one stop contact by providing managed internet by NB or Fixed wireless where NBN is not yet available, and also relieve the client’s pain of dealing through their telecom provider by providing a much better and cost effective IP lines and Managed Phone Services.
Ubiquiti Cameras
Rockfort Global | Ubiquiti Cameras

Ubiquiti Cameras

Ubiquiti Enterprise Security Cameras are the most economical camera for the performance they can offer. 1080 Pixel voice-enabled cameras. These record locally into a proper NVR but can be viewed remotely on your mobile without any complicated setup. All cameras are equipped with day and night vision and work on a simple data cable which is much cheaper to run than an actual camera cable.


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Worry free Business security

Worry-Free Business Security

advanced_protection_security_business ma

Worry Free Business Security Service is one of the most powerful tool for Enterprise Network Security which is deployed to actively protect your business. Some of the great features are

  • Web filtering: Prevents the user from visiting harmful websites like porn or torrents.

  • Ransomware Protection: Protects the data in PC from Ransomware

  • USB Device Protection: Blocks access of USB drives.

  • Email Protection: Checks each email traffic to make sure the content is safe and not spammed or corrupt with viruses

  • Active Reporting to System administrators.

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Worry-Free Services Advanced
Cloud-based protection for your business devices and email

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services Advanced includes everything in Worry-Free Services, plus:


  • Complete email and collaboration protection

  • Trend Micro™ Email Security™

  • Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security

  • Threat and data security for Microsoft® Office 365®, Google Workspace™, Dropbox™, and Box™

Ubiquiti Security Gateway

Unifi Security Gateway is an all in one device which acts as the router to face the cloud in your business. From here the traffic is heavily monitored with the potential of a very high-end firewall to manage against DDOS or cyber-attacks. Wireless networks for staff and guests can be easily separated to make sure there is absolutely no cross-traffic so that the business network security can be kept sterile.

Ubiquiti securtiy Gateway
Acces Control System
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Access Control System

We control both entries into the business, Physical and Via the Internet (Hackers). We also monitor and control entry within your business using Axeze Access Controls.

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