Almost all Businesses outsource some work or the other. Accounting, Book Keeping, Digital Marketing or simple Data entry. Most company outsource not to reduce costs but because they do not have the skills to manage that kind of work or do not have enough work to hire a Part Time employee.

As an Australian company we remove the uncertainty sorrounding outsourcing overseas. 

Australian Company:

As Rockfort Global IT Services is natively an Australian company with the head office in Adelaide and access to the Key Management Team our clients are assured that all legal jurisdiction fall within the Australian borders. Thus making sure that compliances are met and the company needs to take ownership is answerable.

Fully Owned Team:


Our offshore company and team is fully owned  by the Australian Management, thus making sure that any information is contained within the Client and Rockfort Global Team.

Services We Offer


To provide Resources the customer or end user with information and support related to a company's or institution's products and services.


Data Entry in specific systems like CRM or ERP. We help organizations practices to improve business relationship with clients and increase sales.


Book Keeping and Invoice entry from a supplier or vendor for goods or service credit, it is often referred to as a vendor invoice.


Restaurant Order Taking and entry into POS systems can accept and process orders online apart from facilitating manual order taking.


Digital presence management, including Graphics Design, LinkedIn, Facebook, Paid campaigns and Google My Business

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