We also help reduce operations cost of our client by providing outsourcing of Admin and Book Keeping staff based in our India office which is totally owned by us.


South Australian Internet and Telecom is a listed NBN ™ reseller. We are also member of the Telecom Industry Ombudsman (TIO) which speaks about how seriously we take our Internet services. The main reason our client use us as their NBN ™ provider is because it make it easy for them to deal with us as their IT company and do not have to bounce between us for IT and Telstra nbn, Tpg nbn, optus nbn, belong nbn, Vodafone nbn or iinet nbn.



We focus on Enterprise grade NBN ™ connections to businesses as connectivity and appropriate speed is critical for businesses. We provide the same Service Level standards of 73% speed provided by NBN ™. This means that if subscribers were to perform a Telstra speed test or nbn speed test they will achieve the same speeds as quoted by NBN ™.

Which services will be impacted by the rollout of the nbn™ broadband access network?


Fibre 400/1000

For businesses which need higher speeds and reliability, we are TPG enterprise partners and help deploy and manage 400 or 1000 MB symmetrical internet services and tie it with our Ubiquiti Wireless to provide an unmatched internet experience for the business.

10G Adelaide

Using the same technology as Fibre 400 / 1000, the Adelaide city council’s 10G Adelaide network can also be deployed and speeds up 10 gigabyte per second is achievable. This service is currently limited to the Adelaide city zone.


Managed Phone Service


PSTN is on its way out, and lately Telstra has been sending letters and emails to businesses to migrate to the IP platform. Most businesses are using this opportunity to break free the standard phone line trap and move to voip. Voip phone or voice over ip is as stable as PSTN.  Also knows as sip phone the technology has been in Australia for over 15 years. We provide dedicated ip pbx hosted on the cloud which allows remote connectivity for all users of the business irrespective of where they are located, till such time they ae connected to the internet.